Celeste M. Scholz
ESL in Secondary Schools
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Story recall: Context for skill integration and assessment

Story recall is a skill used in social settings to relate personal anecdotes, experiences and even jokes. In the academic setting, story recall is used in analyzing literature, reporting science experiments, explaining how a math problem was solved and relating historical events. The presenter will discuss the specific learner behaviors practiced and later observed for assessment during story recall. These behaviors include demonstrating comprehension, summarizing material, using appropriate structure and vocabulary and speaking with clarity and fluency.

The participants will then examine the recalling procedure as it is used in a group setting to practice these behaviors. Classroom activities such as charting the recall, repeating it orally, reordering the events, and practicing its structure and vocabulary will be included. The presenter will also show how dictation, cloze and transcribing individual protocols can be used for learner assessment.

Participants will receive a handout that outlines the main points of this demonstration.
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