ESL in Secondary Schools
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Providing an audience: Desktop publishing for ESL students

Desktop publishing computer application programs can be used to prepare student writing for publication.

Student motivation for writing is enhanced, when publication becomes the goal of process writing. Peer editing and rewriting become less of a chore and are seen as vital steps in producing writing worthy of publication. Students can easily become involved in producing or selecting graphics that illustrate their ideas and call the reader's attention. Students can also begin to understand how the use of certain fonts and layouts available through the computer can enhance the written word in its published form.

The presenter will discuss how the ESL writing classroom could be organized to make publication easier and more student-oriented. Student ideas should be incorporated in as many aspects as possible, including layout, font selection and graphic renderings. Issues about availability of computers will be addressed.

The participant will receive detailed descriptions about various types of student-produced publications. These range from individual newsletters based on specific themes to literary ones that feature a selected piece from each student in the class.

The publishing industry suggests guidelines to enhance looks and reader appeal for various types of publications. The presenter will elaborate on these guidelines especially in relation to the publication of newsletters.

At the end of this demonstration the participants will be ready to implement a plan to incorporate desktop publishing in some aspect of their ESL writing class.
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