By Jessica  and Elizabeth
Rows and rows of boxes,
Boxes are everywhere.
Constructing rafts is hard,
So we take a lot of care.

Round and round the school,
Here we go again,
Our hands are hurt and red,
So we give it to the men.

Now we’re at the pool. 
We came in third place.
It’s not quite the end,
We just started a new race.

Here come the PFD models
With their fashion taste.
You could easily trip,
If you walk with too much haste.

As we wait anxiously,
For the whistle to blow,
Our hearts pound,
When we hear, Ready! Set! Go!

We get into our raft,
And start paddling away.
The end is near,
Hooray! Hooray!

Water is filling in,
And we’re slowly going down.
All I see now
Is my teammates’ frowns.

We lost the race.
What can we say?
We didn’t make it 
All the way.

January 17, 2003
AISJ Middle School

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poetry by Grade 8 students
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