PencilsESOL Exercise: What is it? Poetry!

contributed by Celeste M. Scholz, MS ESOL teacher to JIS Newsletter, Jarkarta International School, April, 1993.

The ESOL Level 3 middle school students have recently read several "what is it?" poems by May Swenson. Inspired by this, each class has written a poem of its own. Can you guess what it is they are describing?

The sound of nature

The tree are its friends
and they tell you when it comes.
Stroking your face softly with its wings,
it dances and runs through the leaves.

It whispers sweet stories of nature
quietly though your ears.
Through an open window, it howls.

It often smells fresh,
but sometimes unpleasant,
like sweat when you exercise.

In summer its taste of ripe fruit
surrounds your body.
In winter its bitterness fills your mouth.

by Rya Hierbaut, Yoon Jung Huh, Joo Yeon Kim, Choong Hoon Lee, Chen Yu Lin, Julian Morelli and Chuck Whan Yoon
Tears of angels

I was born in the clouds
and I travel down in the air
like the tears of angels.

When I touch the earth
I sound like pouring rice on a drum.

By getting all things wet,
I clean the plants and cover the fields.
I am usually transparent,
but soemtimes I block your view.

The wind and lightning are my companions.
If I get angry, I can become a hurricane
and hurt you.

From your pollution I become sour
and act like acid.

The sun, my enemy, makes me evaporate
and go back to my home.

by Hyemi Ahn, Job Bakker, Putri Farmer, Kyung Jin Lim, Prisca Marianelli, Seung Lee Park and Ji Yong Suk.
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