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Welcome to Grade 9 English!

Celeste M. Scholz, Teacher

Course Description

Policies & Procedures



Writing & Grammar






The reading of literature is divided into 5 units of study. The order of the units is determined by the availability of the required texts.

  • Novel

Of Mice and Men* (J. Steinbeck) – summer after Gr 8
To Kill a Mockingbird* (N. H. Lee)
  • Drama

Romeo & Juliet* (Shakespeare)
  • Mythology

Odyssey* (Homer)
Mythology (E. Hamilton)
  • Poetry

Patterns in Literature with additional poems
  • Short Story

Patterns in Literature with supplementary stories

* Required by all Grade 9 students

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Writing & Grammar:

There is at least one major writing each quarter. Students practice persuasive and literary analysis essays. Students use the writing process for these essays: prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. The 6-Traits Writing Scale is used for writing instruction and essay evaluation. Students focus on weak grammar skills through the editing process. Writer's Inc. is used as a reference.


Vocabulary for the High School Student. Students focus on the vocabulary lessons required. They are responsible for acquiring the vocabulary and using it in their writing.

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Grades are weighted according to the time spent on the assignment and its difficulty. Therefore the percentages below may vary.

-Writing: All types of formal and creative writing 50%
-Class work: For example, quizzes, graded discussions, oral presentations 50%

There are 7 common assessments that all Grade 9 students complete: 5 essays, an oral presentation and a Socratic seminar.


Students will prepare to engage fully in the day’s activities by completing homework

  • show respect for the other class members
  • work to the best of their abilities
  • do their own work and sign an honesty declaration stating this (No plagiarism!)

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