Name: Celeste M. Scholz

Conference Date: Friday, September 10, 1999

DIRECTIONS: Professional growth is best achieved when it is self-initiated and designed to fulfill perceived needs. A systematic approach wherein the individual identifies areas for personal growth and charts a plan of action to follow is an important aspect of the evaluation program. To this end, jot down areas for growth over the next school year. Include the specific strategies and resources you will employ. Finally describe how you will measure your success in meeting your goals.

Professional Growth Goals:

1. Continue work with on-line portfolios in the ESL class (in addition include: original graphics, PowerPoint, animated graphics)

2. Digital video editing to incorporate short video clips on web site (personal, Cartoon Club, and/or ESL3s)

3. CD-ROM production: organize material to press CD-ROM with video clips, digital photos, original artwork (personal and/or classroom)

Strategies For Reaching Goals:(State steps or activities to be used and timetable to achievegoals.)

1. On-line portfolios: use Netscape Composer and incorporate posting on ESL3 studentsí personal web sites as part of classroom activities, i.e. last step in writing process, PowerPoint presentation (end of 1st semester- Dec 1999)

2. Digital Video Editing: use Adobe Premiere to join video footage in creative ways, post short video clips on selected web site or use in selected multimedia (by March 2000)

3. CD-ROM Production: use Director 6 to create a multimedia software presentation that organizes video clips, digital photos and original artwork in a creative way and press a CD-ROM (Dec 1999)

  Resources To Be Used:

1. On-line portfolios: School computers, software and peripheral equipment (scanners).

2. Digital Video Editing: Personal computer equipment and software including video camera.

3. CD-ROM Production: Personal CD-ROM pressing equipment, computers and software.

Goal Success Will Be Measured By:

1. On-line portfolios: A collection of student-produced on-line portfolios.

2. Digital Video Editing: A minimum of three video clips ready to incorporate in web site or other multimedia presentation.

3. CD-ROM Production: Completed CD-ROM.
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