Name: Celeste M. Scholz

Pre-Conference (Before 1 October, 1998) Date: October 6, 1998, noon

Post-Conference (Before 4 June, 1999) Date:

DIRECTIONS: Professional growth is best achieved when it is self-initiated and designed to fulfill perceived needs. An important aspect of professional growth is a systematic approach wherein the individual identifies areas for personal growth and charts a plan of action to follow. To this end, develop up to 3 goals, at least one of which is related to the action plans to be implemented this year within our overall Strategic Plan. Include the specific strategies and resources you will employ. Finally describe how you will measure your success in meeting your goals.

Strategic Plan Connection   In what way(s) is my goal related to the Strategic Plan?

My goal relates to the following parts of the Strategic Plan: Strategy One: 2) to communicate the schoolís curriculum, assessment practices and teaching methodologies to the ISKL Community. Strategy One: 9) to make meaningful, unforced, authentic connections among the curricula of subjects at all levels to reinforce learning and provide for the creative crossing of disciplines. Strategy Four: 6) to establish an Intranet that will promote internal communication and encourage a paperless environment. Strategy Five: 3) to establish a data base system that will store can cross-reference Individual Learning Plan information.

Professional Growth Goal What do I want to achieve?

I will create and post my own professional on-line portfolio (WebPages) and assist students in creating their own WebPages that contain the best of the work theyíve down in ESL3, their goals, etc. plus extras to show their personality.

Measurable, Demonstrable, Observable Results Why do I want to achieve this?

So that I have an organized professional on-line portfolio that I can update as I continue in my own professional development. This is also accessible to parents, other teachers and other professionals.
So that I can encourage this portfolio development in my students and see if this is perhaps a viable option for ILPs as well.

Measurement of Success What will the achievement of my goal look like?

I know I will have achieved my goal when I have my own WebPages on-line on the WWW and when I have the beginnings of my students WebPages which could be posted or not.

Strategies for Reaching the Goal What steps or activities will be used to achieve my goal? (Indicate a timeline)

Specifically, I will work on creating my WebPages, share them with a colleague or two to get feedback, research server options where my pages can be posted on the server free of charge (not on ISKL), and post the pages on the WWW. This will be completed by the end of first semester.

First and second semester I will be working with students to create their homepage portfolios with links to their own documents that have been important to them in ESL3, such as, reading goals graph, books read, publishable writing, a graph of vocabulary/spelling scores, as well as some of their own ideas: favorite jokes, favorite websites, etc.

Resources to Be Used What resources and system support are needed for achieving my goal? (E.g. professional materials, observation time, inservice, etc.)

I will need and use the Internet to find out server options for posting my WebPages and to complete the part of my website that links to my own favorite websites. Iíll be using Adobe PageMill at home for my WebPages. Iím going through my own documents to make sure that Iíve included everything that I think is important in my profession on-line portfolio. Iíll consult with colleagues to get opinions on the pages before they are posted. (This will take untold numerous hours, but the learning curve for PageMill is fast, so most of the time will be spent in writing and organizing what to present on the WebPages.)

Iíll use MS Publisher for the studentsí WebPages at school and mostly documents they have already created for the goals and objectives for ESL3. (This should not take much class time, as the documents will be already on disk, so we will only need time for the main page and the links.)

Self-Assessment Upon completion (or before the post conference), attach an account of the progress made toward your goal. (Respond to your strategies for reaching your goal.)

Completed.  My goal was achieved in Feb. 99 when I posted my online portfolio on the server.  I created the portfolio (web pages) with Netscape Composer after several months of pulling the information together and entering the information that was not already digital.  In addition since February I have regularly added to the portfolio, recent experiences and documents that I want to save and access quickly.

I have shared the html files of my portfolio with several teachers so they can begin creating their own on-line portfolios.  Several will be working on them through the summer.

Current.  ESL students I'm working with are busy completing their writing assignments.  These are ideal to include in their own online portfolios.  At this time, I'm not as far along on this as I'd like to be.  However, I hope we can come up with the beginnings of a portfolio that includes minimally some writing and a list of books they've read this semester before the end of the year.

Future.  My plan is to start the portfolio at the beginning of next school year and really add to it periodically.  I would like to work on a system that includes adding to a student's on-line portfolio as a normal part of the classroom activities, perhaps at the publishing stage of the writing process.  There would be definite advantages to this as the students will get repeated use of the involved computer skills.

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