NAME: Celeste M. Scholz September 28, 1997

Professional Growth Goals:

1. Integrate reading objectives into ESL3 curriculum (formerly a separate class).

2. Work with Math teachers and in Math classrooms to ensure that ESL Level 1 students are improving in Math and English throughout the year.

3. Improve parent communication by publishing documents explaining the ESL program and MS ESL grading system. (Get translations in Japanese and Korean.).

4. Gain a better understanding of different Immersion models for ESL in Intern'l Schools.

Strategies for Reaching Goals: Timeline: throughout the year...

1. Reading integration into ESL 3
-establish reading goals for students for each quarter
-provide silent reading time in class
-promote book and author talk: sharing by students and me, journal reactions

2. ESL Level 1 students and Math
-maintain regular communication with Math teachers of Level 1 students
-discuss realistic goals and progress for Level 1 students in Math

3.Parent communication.
-write documents
-get translations
-distribute/explain on Parent's Night and during Parent Conferences

4. Immersion models:
-reseach and interview
-brainstorm new model spins for next year's ESL program

Resources to be Used:

1. Reading: In-classroom library, moving to regular library, Charlene, Larry, etc.

2. Math for Level 1 students: CALLA Method on Math language, Math teachers

3. Parent communication: HS translators, neighbors

4. Internet/Eric search, visit ISB, Rojas at SEATCCO, SEATCCO colleagues

Goal Success Will Be Measured By:

1. ESL 3 Reading - Improvement in SLEP scores overall and especially on reading section.

2. Math for ESL 1 - Improvement in student Math grades throughout the year.

3. Parent communication -Check documentation and distribution techniques.

4. Immersion models - New spins on MS ESL program for 98-99. Check scheduling.
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