NAME: Celeste M. Scholz October 15, 1996

Professional Growth Goals:

1. Incorporate technology (computer and media) in ESL 2 and ESL 3 thematic units and process writing.

2. Develop ISKL bibliographies of resources for existing and new thematic units in ESL 2 and ESL3.

3. Plan activities in thematic units that require thinking at greater depths and permit pursuit of individual interests.

Strategies for Reaching Goals:

1. Technology

-use CD-ROMS for research
-use videos, filmstrips and cassettes for listening development along with activities
-publish 'newspaper' to demonstrate current desktop publishing
-use Power Point for oral presentation (hidden) and scanner.
2. Bibliographies.
-list available books, filmstrips, videos, CD-ROMS in thematic unit documentation.
3. Thinking Skills/Individual Interests
-develop at least one activity per thematic unit that emphasizes thinking to greater depths OR
-develop at least one activity per unit that allows pursuit of individual interests.
Resources to be Used:

1. Technology: Library, ESL and personal CD-ROMS, AV resource room, classroom computer, computer lab, personal digital camera

2. Bibliographies: Library and ESL computer to type lists.

3. Thinking Skills/ Individual Interests: Library and colleagues

Goals Success Will Be Measured By:

1. Technology:

-Review bibliographies (#2) of unit documentation for computer/media resources.
-Examine ESL newspapers published this year.
-Evaluate Power Point presentations and tapes.
-Check unit documentation for listening activities (worksheets) based on authentic resources.
2. Bibliographies.
-Check unit documentation for bibliographies.
3. Thinking Skills/Individual Interests:
-Check documentation for thinking/individual interest type activities.
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