Celeste M. Scholz, Middle School English August 27, 2000

Professional Growth Goals:

·Develop unit plans for all major units in the Gr8 English Course Outline.The unit plans would include: learning objectives, suggested activities, materials (including handouts)

·Develop grading rubrics for projects and activities given in the Course Outline that are used for student assessment. I will write most rubrics, but some will have input from students.The rubrics will also be used for student self-assessment.

Strategies For Reaching Goals:

State steps to be used and timetable to achieve goals.

Resources To Be Used:

·Gr8 Course Outline

·Gr8 Literature text, Spelling text, Language text, novels

·Materials folders from Rita Molzten and The Outsider activities and handouts from J. Hansen

Goal Success Will Be Measured By:

Celeste M. Scholz
Career Experience
Professional Development
Presentations & Publications