A teacher affects eternity;
he can never tell where his influence stops.

Henry Adams

Classes Taught

World Bank 2010 to Present

  • Writing Workshop Distance Learning : worked with non-native English speaking professionals to improve report writing skills using writer's workshop approach through Adobe Connect and WebEx webinars and e-mail lessons.

University of Oregon AEI 2012 to 2016

US Embassy Jakarta 2009 to 2011

  • Advanced Writing in English: worked with Indonesian commercial specialists at Foreign Comerica Service to improve technical and report writing skills.
  • Business writing: assisted Indonesian supervisors and assistants with business writing skills including evaluations, justifications, diplomatic notes, e-mails, and memos.
  • Workplace English: designed and delivered instruction for improved English listening and speaking skills to motor pool drivers, warehouse and maintenance workers and custodial staff.

Cairo American College  2004 to 2008

High School:

  • Web Design: assisted students in developing beginning and advanced Dreamweaver skills and web design principles through projects in two semesters.
  • Yearbook: advised beginning students on development of journalism skills and principles: writing, photography, layout, and design for publication with InDesign and Photoshop.
  • UNDP Siwa - Week Without Walls: assisted course leader in supervising students involved in service leaning activities at remote oasis town in Egypt.
  • English (Gr 9): developed and taught literature and writing units: short stories, plays and essay writing including The Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, and Of Mice and Men.
  • CP12 English (Gr 12): Feb -June 06, permanent substitute, Senior Project research paper and final multimedia presentations, reader's choice, vocabulary.
  • Teacher Apprenticeship - Week Without Walls: placed and monitored students in elementary and middle school classrooms to work as  apprentices by assisting classroom teachers in a variety of duties, and worked with two other sponsors on team.

American International School of Johannesburg 2000 - 2004

Middle School & High School:

  • Technology (Grs 7 - 8): taught computer skills: word-processing, spread sheet, graphics, desktop publishing, web design and presentation software while integrating skills with mainstream classes
  • ESL (Grs 6-11): taught all levels to develop academic English skills.
  • English (Gr. 9): taught literature and writing units: short stories, plays and essay writing.
  • Language Arts (Gr. 8): taught literature and writing units: short stories, personal narrative and poetry writing, and helped students publish work in their online portfolio.
  • U.S. History (Gr 8): developed presidential Election Campaign 2000 unit including campaign speeches, focused on note-taking and test-taking skills and developed grading rubrics for projects.
  • Graphics & Multimedia Exploratory (Gr 6-8): taught graphics and presentation skills through a project approach.
  • Homeroom (Gr 7 & 8): helped students with academic goal setting, study skills and service projects.

International School of Kuala Lumpur 1996 - 2000

Middle School:

  • Study Skills (Gr. 8): worked with students on time management, test-taking strategies, and organization skills to help them achieve their goal of improved grades.  Assisted with homework.
  • Distance Learning ESL Levels 1 - 3 (on-line web pages): published on-line ESL instruction while ESL students learned from remote locations because of haze in Kuala Lumpur (4 weeks)
  • ESL Science in Science class (team teacher): worked with science teacher to support ESL students in mainstream science class (55 minutes).
  • Malaysia Week Sponsor (rain forest and lake site): worked with site leader and Malaysian tour director to assist in outdoor education program for 20 students. (4 days)
  • ESL Levels 1 and 2: developed academic English skills for students attending ESL science and mainstream math (80 minutes).
  • ESL Level 3: developed advanced academic skills for students attending mainstream math and science (80 minutes).
  • ESL Reading (Level 2): enhanced reading strategies and novel study for low level ESL students (45 minutes). Applied use of double entry reading log.
  • ESL Humanities Support: supported advanced ESL students while they attended mainstream Humanities (45 minutes).

 Jakarta Intercultural School 1992 - 1996

Middle School:

  • Computer Survey (Gr 6): taught basic computer skills with: Keyboarding (Mavis Beacon), Word Processing (Word 5.1), Graphics (SuperPaint), Database and Spreadsheet (AppleWorks), Presentation (HyperStudio)
  • Computer Tools (Gr 7): developed advanced computer skills with: Keyboarding (Type!), Word Processing (Word 5.1), Graphics (SuperPaint), Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Computer Programming (Elective): introduced beginning programming skills as a bridge to HS Computer Programming I with: Logo and HyperTalk (Hypercard)
  • Journalism: developed writing and computer skills for production of The Observer with Publish It Easy!.
  • ESL Social Studies: taught advanced English and study skills through the content of mainstream Social Studies.
  • Jakarta-based Program Sponsor : monitored students on field trips. Taught Balinese art styles through study of various paintings and assisted students in developing computer skills to present the knowledge in a HyperStudio stack. (90-minute session)
High School (Course Descriptions):
  • Graphics to Multimedia: Student will work with computer graphics in various forms. Students will master software and hardware used for drawing and creating graphics. Software such as SuperPaint, Ray Dream Designer, Adobe Photoshop and Typestyler will be taught. The digital camera and scanner will be used for digitizing graphic images. In addition, students will work with computer graphics to develop multimedia presentations. Basic computer animation software to create special effects will be introduced. Students will create Quicktime movies for inclusion in presentation software. The use of the video camera will be explored in connection with computer animation techniques.

  • Keyboarding to Report Writing: A course to help students acquire keyboarding skills through correct technique development. Students will apply these skills to report-writing formatting. Upon mastery, the student is able to create a document with accessories such as bibliography, glossary and table of contents. Graphics, charts and spreadsheets with proper formatting techniques are emphasized using school-wide guidelines. Research tools are introduced. This is a valuable course for the college-bound student.

  • Computer Programming I: This semester course introduces Logo and HyperTalk. This builds on skills students may have picked up earlier from Logo, HyperCard or HyperStudio. The specific programming skills that are introduced are transferable between different languages and systems. The syntax of the language and structure of languages is also very important. Students learn how to write user application programs. This course requires problem solving.

  • Computers and Information Management: Extensive use of a word processor will be stressed. Students will be expected to have mastered the keyboard prior to enrolling. Advanced word processing features will be covered as well as databases and spreadsheets. Students will create brochures and newsletters using desktop publishing software. Students will explore the use of graphics and the applications of various multimedia tools such as scanners, CD-ROM drives, digital cameras and color printers. Presentation software will be utilized for formatting and presenting materials.